Church of the assumption

On the western outskirts of the main town lies Nellitoppu where another splendid and remarkable Church of Assumption is located. The rise of French missionaries during the 17th and 18 the century gave birth to several French style church run by French missionaries. Built during 1851 the Church of Assumption was also amongst the first few churches erected in Nellitoppu. Undoubtedly the Church too possesses traits of French influence. The architectural style of building the church of Assumption display French style of artistry and masonry.


The statues housed within the church sets it apart from the other churches that came into existence during the period. The collection of statues is worth watching and callsfor a tour of the church not just by pilgrims by anybody believing in offering a prayer. The main entrance of the church stands a heart touching idol of Mother Mary and the left tower of the church possesses the idol of Saint George showcasing the slaying of a Yall like monster. The interiors of the church are serene. The altar piece is beautifully crafted. The crucifix surrounded by flying angels touches your heart and represents a miniature image of a paradise.