The old light house

The tall standing age old lighthouse has become a prominnent landmark of Pondicherry. The 19th century lighthouse was instrumental in signalling the ships nearing Pondicherry which before the lighthouse came into existence would wander in the sea. A dedicated team of  commitee members were responsible in bringing the lighthouse in place after severely pursuading the government. Given the period of consent the project did kickstart but it was a prolonged delay post which the lighthouse finally got its foundation laid in 1835.

Old light house pondicherry

The lighthouse was round and towering in a manner that its architectural stature added a modern appeal to it. After the delayed foundation was laid it was in a short span that the lighthouse was completed. 1836 the completed lighthouse was inauggurated and celebrated. THe challenges continued to hamper the use of the lighthouse as the Beacon from France had not arrived. Finally it was only by mid 1836 the lighthouse became fully operational. The lighthouse is not operational presently buttourists are attracted to see the 29 feet high non-operational lighthouse.The old lighthouse on Guebert Rue today is a prime tourist attraction in Pondicherry.