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A town with Roman archaeological excavations, a city with lasting French Influence and a beautiful getaway with confluence of Eastern and western cultures- Puducherry, earlier known as Pondicherry is a land of modest surprises with lasting expressions. The city of Pondicherry shouts out loud a religious French influence on its streets, grid patterns, houses and cuisines. Several French Villas have converted into guest homes and restaurant scattering to french gourmet food making the simple life in Pondicherry an exotic one for the ultimate traveler.
The colonial style buildings, long compounds, stately walls and narrow clean streets make you feel like a walk in the cloud. Its growing popularity has certainly canvassed the original presentation of the Pondicherrycity; commercial establishments with different product offerings have made Pondicherry an increasingly quick getaway destination. Despite that Pondicherry has managed to hold in its belly its original form- the statues, the beaches, the Ville’, The French quarter and the Indian Quarter so on and so forth.

Pondicherry trip

Pondicherry is dominantly an attraction land for the French lovers. French remains a language spoken at large. As a matter of fact to maintain the original appearance of the Pondicherry town, the French and Indian quarters were preserved from destruction by an organization named INTACH, thereby contributing to the aesthetic and original appeal of the town. Indian visitors from different parts of the country, especially those seeking a future in the tourism industry choose to learn French in Pondicherry. Alliance Francais – Pondicherry sees relatively increased number of student compared to other southern states. Pondicherry has been a quick getaway destination for several southern and makes for a prime getaway location in Tamilnadu tour package.