Paradise Beach

Pondicherry beaches are famous and attract tourists from all around the world. It certainly will be a shame to not make time to view the beaches of Pondicherry especially the Paradise beach. Famous amongst the four beaches of Pondicherry the Paradise beach is visited by locals and outsiders. Unlike several other Indian beaches Paradise beach is true to its name- clean and clear. Best part of the beach is that its least infested with maddening crowd. Even though the access roads to the beach are bad the Paradise beach has managed to climb its way up the global map. It manages to maintain its natural appeal and serenity which justifies its name. The beach is accessible only by boat from Chunnambar resort and is located eight kilometers from the town along the Cuddalore main road. A flowing rivulet borders the beach and several foreign tourists can be seen lazing off or enjoying sun bath at the beach.

Paradise Beach Pondicherry

Promenade beach

Promenade Beach also known as Pondicherry beach is a favorite with tourists and local residents. The entire 1.2 kilometer stretch starts from war memorial and ends at Dupleix Park on the Goubert Avenue. The crushed rock pieces segregate the walking path from the shore. The Promenade beach front view offers only a panoramic view of the sea and horizon but there is no sandy shore for you to laze off or get close to the sea water. The raised bed for visitors to walk or sit under the seating areas built offer spectacular viewing of the beach anytime of the day. The tides slapping the crushed rocks are a sight to behold and the roaring of the tides is melancholic. During the evenings many people flock around the Gandhi Statue erected before the Promenade beach front. Many are seen taking a brisk walk, strolling, eating in the kiosks and restaurants or shopping in the stores that have survived for a long time because of Promenade beach alluring appeal. The evening lights, the sea breeze and the changing tone of the water roar in the evening add a different feel to the beach and its surroundings. Promenade beach is a prime tourist attraction for all those visiting Pondicherry