Mahatma Gandhi Statue

Seventy kilometers away from Pondicherry is fort Gingee from where eight granite pillars were transported to be erected around a four mmeter tall statue of Mahatma Gandhi. These carved monolithic granite pillars add a unique charm to the statue. The statue is located at Promenade and was sculpted by Roy Choudhar. The statue has become a landmark of Promenade and  its fron portion hosts several important events and celebrations. Tourists can be seen around the area either capturing the image in their camers or strolling.

Mahatma Gandhi Statue Pondichery

The statue and the pillar are atention grabbers from a distance.  From a closer view you’d find the Gandhi statue standing 13 feet high and its one of the finest statues of Gandhi on display. Its presence in front of the beach front attracts more visitors who are either local residents visiting the beach or tourists touring around Promenade. The pillars have a lot of precision work and their erection aptly placed before the beach view adds to its sophistication. Both Gandhi statue and Promenade are prime tourist attractions in Pondicherry that should not be missed.