Auroville - City Of Dawn

The experimental city- Auroville was an initiative by Mirra Richard, mother of Shri Aurobindo who intended the city to have people flockingfrom different parts of the world from different cultural backgrounds come together and stay in spiritual harmony. The city was founded in 1968 and was designed by French architect Roger Anger. The city was conceptualised to believe in humanity and respect humans more than the religion, creed or caste. During the inauguration of the city soil from approximately 124 countries were brought and placed in a lotus shaped urn to represent unity in diversity. 


A golden metallic sphere in the centre of the town called the Matrimandir stands as an epitome of architectural achievement. The project received endorsements from both UNESCO and GOVT of India. The city was initially intended to house 50,000 people however its current popullation is approximately 2000 residents from various countries and religious backgrounds. Nearly fifty percent of the residents are Indians. These residents are involved in farming, agriculture, commerce, handicrafts, health care and developmet projects.City of Dawn too has become a place of visit fro tourists visiting Pondicherry in Tamilnadu tour package.