Botanical Garden

The Botanical garden is located in the old Tamil town in the far south-west of Pondicherry. Designed in the year 1826 by G.S.Perrorret the garden is also a tourist attraction for those touring Pondicherry. The park has a memorial of Perrorret in the park .The garden though today looks little scruffy but holds a lot of French influence. The clipped trees, flower beds, gravel walks and fountains present a charming outlook of the garden. The garden is open to public viewing between 6:00am to 6:00pm. It also houses a Japanese garden and a Joy train which also lure tourists to visit the garden while in Pondicherry.

Botanical Garden Promenade beach

The park houses approximately 1500 species of plants. Some of these plants are exotic and some are rare species. The garden also houses an aquarium displaying sea organisms including sea plants on display. The garden also has on exhibition the different ways used for fishing in the coastal regions. The garden with aquarium does not match up to international aquariums but for it to have on display so many things makes a difference. The botanical gardens are indeed worth a visit in Pondicherry tour package