An archaeological site in Kakkanyanthope, Pondicherry- Arikamedu is situated 7 kilometers away from Pondicherry which is also its capital. Arikamedu was excavated by Mortimer Wheeler who was known for his works in 1940’s. Arikamedu literally means eroding mound.  During the excavation, Roman lamps, Glassware and gems were found too at the site. Arikamedu was once a fishing village but prior to that Arikamedu was dedicated to making beads and trading with Roman traders along with being an important Chola Port.Arikamedu has been occupied with people since the pre first century and despite diminishing and rise in numbers it continued to be inhabited till modern times. Traces of Romans, French and Cholas are seen in the objects found.


The treasure of Romans excavated and the Arikamedu river cruise offer you a splendid flashback of Arikamedu’s history. Today except for perpendicular walls and the Jesuit mission house on the eastern part of the mount there remains only a flourishing orchard of Mangoes and coconut grooves. The excavated trenches have been covered up either by water or mud offering nothing to view on the surface yet Arikamedu invites you to visit history that it holds about itself. The plantations will take your breathe away and for tourists it’s a must visit place while touring Pondicherry.

One of the more intriguing tourist destinations for those that are historically inclined is Arikamedu. It is an archaeological site located at a distance of 1 km from Ariyankuppam, a town located in the vicinity of Pondichery. Arikamedu is best known for Mortimer Wheeler's famous excavations in the 1940s. Wheeler believed that Arikamedu was a fishing village which was formerly a major port dedicated to bead making and was involved in trading with Romans. The inhabitation of the town dates back to 2nd century BC and was involved in trade for centuries with the Romans and Greco Romans. Various Roman artefacts, such as a large number of amphorae bearing Roman marks, have been found at the site, supporting the view that an ancient trade existed between Rome and ancient Arikamedu. An Archaeological Museum is also present at the site. Tourists who are keen to know more about the ancient town could visit the Pondicherry museum where pottery, beads, bangles and studs among other pieces of jewellery have been preserved from the excavations.