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Like Khandala is to Mumbai, Pondicherry is to Chennai. Earning popularity with pass of time,.

Pondicherry is becoming an ideal visiting place for the fast paced corporate crowd. With the massive make over the East coast road and Old Mahabalipuram roads have received a quick . drive to the mesmerizing stretch of Chennai to Puducherry doesn’t even call for a second thought.

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Pondicherry Tourism

Pondicherry trip

A town with Roman archaeological excavations, a city with lasting French Influence and a beautiful getaway with confluence of Eastern and western cultures- Puducherry, earlier known as Pondicherry is a land of modest surprises with lasting expressions. The city of Pondicherry shouts out loud a religious French influence on its streets, grid patterns, houses and cuisines. Several French Villas have converted into guest homes and restaurant scattering to french gourmet food making the simple life in Pondicherry an exotic one for the ultimate traveler...More










Pondicherry Churches

Pondicherry Churches

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